A new way to make your land work for you.

Field to Forest works with family landowners to plant and grow trees on open fields, creating a new low- maintenance income opportunity. Field to Forest is your one-stop shop, partnering with you and paying for each step of the process. When you enroll, you’ll receive guaranteed annual payments, long-term technical support from local professionals, and a new revenue stream.

Enrollment is now open to Georgia landowners until June 30.

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Landowner Benefits

Multiple Revenue Streams

  • Landowners receive guaranteed annual payments of $30 per acre per year through the lifetime of the contract. Healthy trees also offer improved conditions for cattle and crops, and a high-quality wood supply.

Easy to Get Started

  • There is no previous forestry experience needed and no upfront costs. Forestry experts will guide you step-by-step through the planting and management process.

Low-Maintenance Income

  • Growing trees is a less labor-intensive income opportunity for landowners looking to make supplementary income or retire.

Cover the Cost of Land Ownership

  • The income landowners receive can be used to pay property taxes and other land management costs and optional estate planning from our local partners.

Healthier Land for Planting, Cattle Raising and Recreation

  • Trees help create improved wildlife habitat, healthier soil quality and shade for grazing cattle.

To Qualify

Landowners must own at least 40 plantable acres that haven’t been forested for the last 10 years.

Check Your Eligibility

Have questions? Connect with us at 229-231-3818 or fieldtoforest@forestfoundation.org to discuss if Field to Forest fits your goals for your land.

What Happens After You Apply?

Our team will work with you to determine if Field to Forest fits your goals for your land. Once you are ready, we will work with you to execute a 30-year landowner agreement. During this stage, you will also receive a forest management plan and will have optional access to estate planning legal services through one of our local partners.

We work with you to determine the eligible project acres, develop a planting plan, and hire local professionals to prepare your land for planting. The preparation will take place in the fall or early winter.

Our team has purchased loblolly pine seedlings that are adapted to your area for optimal growth and disease resistance. Our contracted foresters will oversee the on-the-ground-work of planting in the late winter or early spring.

Once your trees are planted, you will begin receiving $30 per acre per year for the 30-year contract.

Why We Started Field to Forest

Across the United States, there are millions of acres of farmland owned by landowners looking to diversify their income. These lands offer prime growing conditions for a new resource: loblolly pine. This native tree species grows quickly and is incredibly adaptive, making it one of the most efficient trees for capturing and storing carbon. Carbon markets are a new opportunity for landowners to earn extra income and improve the health of their land.

Through Field to Forest, the American Forest Foundation, a national non-profit, unlocks carbon markets for family landowners by removing the upfront costs and bureaucratic complexity.

Check Your Eligibility

Do you currently own 30 acres or more of forest?

The Family Forest Carbon Program provides financial and technical resources to help you improve the health and value of your woodland. Learn more.