The Value of a Plan

A forest management plan gives you the tools to take advantage of new opportunities, handle setbacks or changes and make informed decisions about your woods.

After visiting your land to understand its ecology and challenges, an expert forester will design a management plan that is unique for your land with specific ways you can improve your forest’s health and value. In other words, it’s a guide made just for your forest.

How to Use a Management Plan

The Family Forest Carbon Program provides landowners with management flexibility. Many of the program’s practices are passive management practices, meaning they don’t require specific actions on your part. Other practices are active management practices that do require specific activities, such as removing invasive plant species from your property. Whether it be active or passive, forest management plans are useful tools for improving the health of your forest.

Already Have a Management Plan?

Forest management plans written in the last 10 years can be used for some Family Forest Carbon Program practices. We’ll take a look at your forest management plan to confirm it has the details we need and amend it with additional details if necessary.

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