Your land, your legacy.

Watch this video to see how you can earn extra income and improve your forest’s health with the Family Forest Carbon Program.

Get Started How It Works

The Tools You Need To Do Right by Your Land

The Family Forest Carbon Program provides financial and technical resources to help you improve the health and value of your woodland.

The program was developed by two national nonprofits, the American Forest Foundation and The Nature Conservancy, to help forest owners implement sustainable forest management practices that result in healthier forests, higher-quality timber, improved wildlife habitat and increased carbon storage.

The Family Forest Carbon Program enables private forest owners across 15 states to access the voluntary carbon market, a growing market that has been traditionally inaccessible to smaller forest owners, providing landowners with income they can use toward forest management costs or to help pay property taxes.

Georgia landowners with 40+ acres of unplanted fields can receive funding and guidance to grow loblolly pine for profit through Field to Forest.

The Family Forest Carbon Program is a program of the Family Forest Impact Foundation LLC, an affiliate of the 501(c)(3) non-profit American Forest Foundation. The Nature Conservancy is an implementing partner on some but not all Family Forest Carbon Program practices.

Benefits for Forest Owners

Forester Expertise

Guidance from our team of expert professional foresters who will help you meet your goals for your forest, or the option to work with your own trusted forester.

Management Plan

A sustainable forest management plan customized for your own property goals, or help with updates to your existing forest management plan.

Guaranteed Income

Guaranteed annual payments you can use toward any expenses, like property taxes, infrastructure or whatever else you may need.

Forest Health

Help with improving the health of your woods, enhancing wildlife habitat, and identifying and treating for invasive species.

Good Stewardship

Practical resources to assist you for now and for future generations to carry on your legacy of good forest stewardship.

Peer Community

An opportunity to join a community of like-minded woodland owners making a positive impact on their land and the planet.

Check Eligibility

Use our secure mapping tool to select your property and find out if you qualify.

An Ever-Growing Impact

With every acre enrolled, we are able to support more landowners and their communities, while sequestering and storing more carbon.