What Do Foresters Do?

Foresters provide vital expertise on the ecology, laws and regulations in their region. Unfortunately, for many landowners, the cost to hire a professional forester is out of their financial reach. Plus, the incredible demand for free-service foresters means that it can take months or even years to schedule a consultation.

The Family Forest Carbon Program offers landowners a unique opportunity for free consultations with our staff and consulting foresters. Our foresters work with you to answer questions, provide advice on the best practices for you and your land, and develop forest management plans designed to enhance the health of your forest.

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Ways Foresters Can Help

Help Confirm Your Eligibility

Our online mapping tools provide great insight on your land, but sometimes it takes boots on the ground to understand your forest and confirm program eligibility. Our foresters provide free visits to do just that.

Gather Your Enrollment Details

After you’ve selected a program, foresters will collect all the data needed for your enrollment. This is an exciting time for you to learn more about your forest’s ecology and challenges. Ask away—our foresters are true industry experts.

Craft a Forest Management Plan

Your forester will design a unique management plan that outlines specific ways you can improve your forest’s health and value over time. It’s a manual with personalized goals and strategies made specifically for your forest.

Meet Our Foresters

Sarah Hall-Bagdonas

Ian Forte

Garrett Hamilton

Nate Hartley

Brittney Hartzell

Isaac Slone

Tristan Kinnison

Emily Trent

Already Working with a Forester?

If you already work with a forester who knows your forest and your goals, that is great news. Ask them to contact us to be added as a consulting forester for the Family Forest Carbon Program.

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