The tools you need to do right by your land

When you enroll in the Family Forest Carbon Program you receive the financial and technical resources you need to improve the health and value of your woodland. The forest management practices available to forest owners in the Northeast are designed to promote sustainable forest management, resulting in higher quality timber, improved wildlife habitat and increased carbon storage.

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Eligible Counties

  • Eligible Counties
  • Ineligible Counties
Northeast Map (Oct 2023)

County and state boundaries sourced from the United States Census Bureau in 2021.

Eligible Counties

All counties in Maine
New Hampshire
All counties in New Hampshire
All counties in Vermont
Berkshire County Franklin County Hampden County Hampshire County Worcester County
New York
All counties in New York, except: Bronx County Kings County Nassau County New York County Queens County Richmond County Rockland County Suffolk County Westchester County

Basic Eligibility Requirements include:

  • Have forested property in the counties listed above.
  • Own 30 or more acres of non-planted, naturally regenerating trees on your property
  • Have the legal right to harvest on your land
  • Have a longterm interest in the health and value of your land
  • The predominant forest type within the management stand must be comprised of northern hardwoods, such as maple, beech, birch and ash.

Forest Management Practices

There are currently two Forest Management Practices available to landowners in the Northeast: Grow Older Forests and Enhance Your Woodland.

  • Both practices are designed to help you grow a more robust forest through sustainable management and harvesting over the next 20 years.

  • Grow Older Forests requires landowners to only engage in sustainable harvesting, such as salvage harvesting for personal use like firewood. The payment rate for this practice is $300/acre over the enrollment period.

  • Enhance Your Woodland is designed for landowners who want to actively manage their forest land by thinning or gap harvesting. The payment rate for this practice is $200/acre over the enrollment period.

Practices were selected through consultation with a team of regional forestry, wildlife and climate experts in line with the Healthy Forests for Our Future guidelines.

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Benefits of Enrolling

Access to our team of professional foresters, or the ability to work with your own trusted forester.

A forest management plan customized for your unique goals, or updates to your existing forest management plan.

Guaranteed annual payments to help you reach your goals.

Guidance to improve the health of your woods, create habitat for wildlife and treat invasive species.

Practical resources to assist future generations in carrying on your legacy of good forest stewardship.

An opportunity to join a community of likeminded landowners making a positive impact on our planet.

Is This Program Right For You?

The program is a good fit for landowners who:

  • Want professional guidance in managing their land sustainably
  • Need a Forest Management Plan or to have their existing plan updated
  • Could benefit from financial assistance with covering the cost of owning and caring for their land
  • Understand the financial and ecological benefits to allowing their forest to mature before their next harvest
  • Would like management flexibility (ie. the option to do some sustainable harvesting)
  • Care for the planet and would like to join a community of likeminded landowners in their region

Already Have A Forester?

If you already work with a forester who knows your forest and your goals, that is great news. Ask them to contact us to be added as a consulting forester for the Family Forest Carbon Program.

Ready to get started? Check your eligibility below or give our team a call at (844) 790-0045.

Check Your Eligibility

Use our secure mapping tool to select your property and find out if you qualify.