Partner with us to achieve vital social, economic and environmental outcomes, support American communities and forest health, and neutralize your residual emissions with verified carbon credits.

Why Choose the Family Forest Carbon Program

Our program provides a new, high-integrity approach to forest carbon projects in the voluntary carbon market, offering companies top-quality, third-party verified carbon credits. For companies taking a comprehensive approach to a net-zero emissions strategy, the Family Forest Carbon Program is an effective way to take that last step in addressing outstanding or residual emissions.

We offer companies the opportunity to go beyond carbon by catalyzing the improvement of forest health and wildlife habitat while supporting rural landowners, American families and local communities.

The Family Forest Carbon Program aims to enroll 20% of U.S. family-owned forest acres in climate-friendly practices, which will generate roughly 50 million tons of carbon CO2 equivalents annually by 2030. These are ambitious goals, and your partnership can help us get there.

The High Integrity Option

Taking a step forward in transparency and credibility, the Family Forest Carbon Program has developed a new forest carbon accounting methodology to measure and verify the carbon sequestered and stored by the landowners enrolled. This new approach provides a highly credible claim of additionality.

Our new methodology was officially validated and approved by Verra, the globally recognized nonprofit organization that oversees the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), as of October 2022.

Learn more about how we are ensuring the credibility of our credits.

In accordance with California Assembly Bill 1305, you can find our disclosure information here.

Scaling Impact Every Day

Our buyers and donors are vital to scaling the impact of the Family Forest Carbon Program.







"The program is at the forefront of forest carbon strategies, using ground-breaking approaches that help small landowners join the fight against climate change."

Matt Thurston, Director of Sustainability, REI

"WestRock’s sustainability platform is built on our commitment to people and communities, to our customers and to a better planet. The Family Forest Carbon Program provides an avenue to address these three key areas by improving the health of our forests and wood fiber supply, tackling climate change, and supporting the communities in which we source our wood fiber."

Kevin Hudson, WestRock Foundation Board Member and Senior Vice President, Forest & Recycle Fibers, WestRock

"We proudly support the Family Forest Carbon Program in protecting and restoring land upon which countless people, ecosystems and wildlife depend."

Gayle Schueller, Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer, 3M